Red Wing Sand and Gravel


  • Clay

    Clay / Fill

    Our clay is the finest portion of the silt washed from the gravel in processing. It is very impervious, usually used for the perimeter of septic pads and must be approved by the local BOH (Board of Health). It blocks water from exiting the surround of a septic pad, a pond, lake or dam.

  • Screened and Premium Topsoil

    Screened & Premium Topsoil

    This topsoil is screened to 1/2″ maximum sized stone. Used for lawns and gardens, playing fields, etc.

  • Silt

    Silt / Dead Sand

    The sandy washings from sand and gravel that is processed through the plant. The wash water goes into a large settling pond. The heaviest, coarsest particles settle out first; this is the Dead Sand or Silt portion. The finer, lighter particles float farther away from the pipe before settling out. These very fine particular are our Clay. Ball fields might use silt which is sandier than clay.